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Courtesy of Annette Long The life of a flight attendant isn’t for everyone. This includes early wake-up calls and sporadic hours; flight delays and cancellations that will nix plans; weekends and holidays spent working; and often dealing with difficult or ungracious people. But while the job isn’t as glamorous as many people think , being a flight attendant does come with its own unique set of perks, among them the ability to travel the world at little cost and the flexibility to arrange your work schedule.

Because of this, the competition among flight attendant candidates is so fierce that, for certain airlines, applicants compete with thousands of other applicants. It has even been said that it’s harder to get invited to certain flight-attendant training centers than to get into Harvard University. To find out what makes the job so appealing, we spoke to Annette about what it’s really like to be a flight attendant. Here’s what she said: Annette Long completed her flight-attendant training in Courtesy of Annette Long Getting the job “This is like a second career to me.

I was in sales before this, working for a cruise line doing business development and management, and after September 11, I lost my job. After September 11, for anybody in the travel business, it was a long time before we got jobs. I had always wanted to be a flight attendant when I was a little kid, and the regionals were hiring, so I came home and thought about it and decided I was gonna go for it.

Unbelievable Airline Incidents Through the Years

A cabin steward serves drinks to the passengers on an early French airliner providing a service to and from Le Bourget. Add to that the rigid physical examination each must undergo four times every year, and you are assured of the bloom that goes with perfect health. The plane is a mph six-seater Air Speed Envoy Credit: Here we highlight some of the unusual, detailed requirements of flight attendants for airlines around the world.

Flight Attendant Info – Romance and dating other flight attendants and pilots Well I’m here to tell you it’s a fact of life. However there are unwritten rules and most of them are based around strict confidence, integrity, respect and the realization that the airline system is a very small network even though it .

Feb 13, Getty Images When JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater lashed out at a passenger and made a dramatic exit down the aircraft’s emergency slide in , people were left to wonder what put him over the edge. Sure, every job is stressful, but does being a flight attendant come with a unique share of annoyances? We talked to flight attendants around the world to learn what goes on behind the scenes, what pushes their buttons and what passengers can do to make their jobs easier.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1. We don’t give orders just to hear our own voices. Getting you to your destination safely is the number-one priority of flight attendants.

Union of flight attendants Presses Staffing Claim

Singapore Girls , featured in Singapore Airlines ‘ advertising In the s and s, many airlines began advertising the attractiveness and friendliness of their stewardesses. National Airlines began a “Fly Me”; campaign using attractive female flight attendants with taglines such as “I’m Lorraine. Fly me to Orlando.

How about dating a coworker? YourTango explains the quick-and-dirty rules of risky business The Rules On Relationships At Work. 13 shares + 13 shares. 8. Follow Us. the flight attendant.

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The truth about what pilots, air traffic controllers and flight attendants earn

Several years ago, a flight crashed shortly after take-off. When authorities recovered the black box, they found that the pilots’ last conversation was about the dating habits of the flight attendants working that day. A few years later, two pilots and an off-duty crew member were talking about the details of that tragedy in the cockpit of their own flight just before take-off. They remarked on how hard it must be for families to hear those final words.

When a flight attendant refused to serve him more, he began serving himself. Informed this was against regulations, he told the attendant he was going to “bust [his] ass.” He then reportedly began terrifying other passengers, knocking over crew members, and pouring drinks on himself.

Telegraph Travel spoke to pilots, flight attendants and baggage handlers to find out. Indeed, it is one of the 10 most highly paid jobs on the planet, according to its ranking , published this month — only health professionals and petroleum engineers earn more. Top 10 Highest paid jobs for How much are we talking about? That figure corresponds with what UK air traffic controllers have told Telegraph Travel in the past. It’s really not so bad Credit: They imagine this really hectic place where people are screaming and throwing things at each other.

They must maintain a mask of pleasantness while dealing with rude, irritable fliers, and – according to Prospects – earn a fraction of what their colleagues in the cockpit do. The free travel perk certainly helps. I started as a baggage handler, then went to senior baggage handler, dispatcher, allocator, supervisor, duty manager, and am now head of airside operations. You can also move into training, or safety and compliance. There are lots of steps up, with increases in salary each time.

Baggage handlers earn about the same as flight attendants Credit: Prospects puts it slightly lower.

Flight Attendants & Crew

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You think you have what it takes to be a flight attendant’s boyfriend? Here are few things you have to put through. Be prepared Familiarize yourself with Skype.

We begged her to spill some workplace secrets. None of that shows up in our paychecks. Flight delays, cancellations, and layovers affect us just as much as they do passengers—maybe even more. When Delta announced 1, openings in , it received over , applications. Being able to speak a second language greatly improves your chances. So does having customer service experience especially in fine dining or having worked for another airline, a sign that you can handle the lifestyle.

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Dec 09,  · HI all. I have a friend whose brother works for SAA which entitles her to 75% off flights. I’ve heard that you can get something similar if you’re.

Here are few things you have to put through. Familiarize yourself with Skype. Do give importance to time, preferably Military time. Remind her which country she is in first thing when she wakes up in the morning. During dinner, when she asks you whether you like chicken or beef… Oboohooy! You better think fast!

Flight Attendant Relationships with Pilots

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