How to Use Banana Plugs With Speaker Wire

Matthew Guay October 20, , 8: A decade ago, it was much easier to figure out how to get your TV connected to your devices, especially since most people only had a VCR. Our screens were smaller, the quality was worse, but the world was simpler. Today you can hardly walk in an electronics store without getting pressured to buy a several hundred dollar HDMI cable just to connect your devices to your TV. In general, they all work the same: If you want to get the entertainment off your files and disks and onto your screen, cables are a necessary evil for the time being. If your port contains all the pins, however, it can support the max resolution with no problem. This makes DVI one of the more versatile newer connectors. No more bent pins; just push and play.


In rare cases, Coax can also be used for security cameras or for digital audio. It can also be used move video between rooms: There are 2 types of Coaxial Cable: Since everything is already moving to digital, you should only use the higher quality RG-6 cable. For longer runs, you may want to consider a Quad-Shield cable over the standard Dual-Shield for less signal loss.

Category 3 Wire Used as phone wire.

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Voltage probes[ edit ] Voltage probes are used to measure voltages present on the DUT. To achieve high accuracy, the test instrument and its probe must not significantly affect the voltage being measured. This is accomplished by ensuring that the combination of instrument and probe exhibit a sufficiently high impedance that will not load the DUT. For AC measurements, the reactive component of impedance may be more important than the resistive.

Simple test leads[ edit ] A pair of simple test leads A typical voltmeter probe consists of a single wire test lead that has on one end a connector that fits the voltmeter and on the other end a rigid, tubular plastic section that comprises both a handle and probe body. The handle allows a person to hold and guide the probe without influencing the measurement by becoming part of the electric circuit or being exposed to dangerous voltages that might cause electric shock.

Within the probe body, the wire is connected to a rigid, pointed metal tip that contacts the DUT. Some probes allow an alligator clip to be attached to the tip, thus enabling the probe to be attached to the DUT so that it need not be held in place. Test leads are usually made with finely stranded wire to keep them flexible, of wire gauges sufficient to conduct a few amperes of electric current.

Notes on Video Conversion

The quality of the data transmission depends upon the performance of the components of the channel. To transmit according to CAT6 specifications, jacks, patch cables, patch panels, cross-connects, and cabling must all meet CAT6 standards. The CAT6 components are tested individually, and they are also tested together for performance. In addition, the standard calls for generic system performance so that CAT6 components from any vendor can be used in the channel.

If different category components are used with CAT6 components, then the channel will achieve the transmission performance of the lower category. The draft calls for Gigabit data transmission over a 4-pair twisted-pair copper cable for a distance of meters on Class F or Class E-augmented copper cabling.

Page 1 of 7 – Simple way to view IP Cameras on TV – posted in Home Automation: I have several IP cameras. I can view them on my LAN and touch screens. Is there a simple way to view them on a TV? I did this in years past with analog cameras over the RF line with channel traps and modulators. Is there some kind of IP enabled media player, Roku, etc., that can be hooked to a TV to view local IP.

Some Satellite systems have a switch that has an Antenna input if you are able to provide power and install the RF modulator in a weatherproof box you can do so without the need to add 2x Diplexers for each TV. Consult with your system manual. Illustration 6 shows this type of connection. Find the lines that come from the LNB to the satellite receiver. Make sure these connections are like the ones in illustration 3, there is a current going through this line and it could backfeed into the RF Modulator causing it to malfunction or in worst case scenario rendering the RF Modulator useless as it would burn up the internal components.

With a DP Switch Illustration 2: Without a DP Switch Illustration 3: No Adapter connection is needed at the receiver end since it will be added to the RF Signal. See Illustration 4 for the cable needed.

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Any suggestions on pin assignments or existing converters to do the job? The scan rates differ by a significant factor. If you can program your VGA card for the monitor’s horizontal scan rate around This will require some high speed comparators and logic.

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Easy Cable Stripper Click on the images for a larger view The first thing you’ll need to do is to cut the wire to the length you need. If you’re running the wire behind the wall, do so before attaching the banana plugs. When you have the correct length of wire, pull one end away to give yourself room to work. Using the wire stripper place the cutting edge about 2 inches away from the end of the cable. Let the force of the arm on the stripper put pressure on the cable and then spin the stripper around the cable a few times to cut the outer jacket.

With the jacket being cut, simply slide the jacket off the end of the wire. This will expose the two inner wires. Also, remove the wire stripper. You’ll now see the red and black wires which are what will carry the audio signal. The red line is used for the audio signal and the black wire is for the electrical ground connection. We will now need to be able to work with each individual wire of the pair.

In order to make this easy, untwist the pair of wires and pull them away from each other. We now need to strip the jacket off of the copper wire. Just as before, rotate the stripper around the wire a few times in order to cut through the jacket.

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Each screen mode is easily activated by pushing the “Mode” button on the front panel or IR remote with ease: All the multi-channel screen modes 16,9,8,4,3,PIP,PAP will be displayed on the monitor in cycle through the front panel push button until the desired matrix selected. Automatic Video Channel Switching Switching between cameras or video devices can be done manually or automatically with sequential dwell times of 1 to 99 seconds for each channel.

Auto switching is available in single-channel full screen and multi-channel split screen modes. Rack-Mount Ready This unit is 1U size and rack-mount ready. The optional rack mount kit is available and sold separately for mounting this video processor on any 19″ rack.

Using short lengths of bare hookup wire, connect the binding posts, switches, coax connector and ground terminal as shown in Figure 3 below and the wiring diagram on page

Note the tuning head at the top matching unit at the bottom, with the spreader supported by the old felt tip pen lids The antenna folded up and ready to travel Note the spreader in the foreground made from polystyrene tubing Introduction Described here is a simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres. For its size, the performance of the antenna always astounds me, although it is never going to replace a Yagi!

The control head mounts three or four tuning capacitors and a band change switch. This switch selects a capacitor for each band with the capacitors I chose, I needed two for 40m. Each capacitor resonates the loop on one band. A piece of string is attached to the top of the mounting plate to support the antenna during operation. The feedpoint for the antenna is at the bottom of the loop, and consists of a matching transformer housed in a 35mm film canister.

This matching transformer is wound on an FT toroid. The RG58 passes through the toroid to form the secondary of the matching transformer. During my experiments, I found that the turns ratio for the primary changed from band to band, with 2 turns on 20m, 3 turns on 30m and 5 turns on 40m.

9-Channel BNC Video Multiplexer Picture-In-Picture Generator

Wire stripper Antenna analyzer recommended, but not necessary. I use a MiniVNA 1. Start by wrapping the wire around the toroid. Wrap the first wire around the toroid 27 times I used a black wire for this. Make sure the first wire is wrapped evenly around the whole toroid.

Can I use the 8 cables inside the Cat 6 cable to get the video from 4 CCTV cameras. I find it very bulky to have one big wire for every camera. I thought if its possible to use 4 pairs to tranfer.

How to connect your TV to your video game console Atari or otherwise was discussed on Page 1 , now we’ll look at how this situation came about. First, a brief overview. Then, if you’re interested, I go into the gory details of some of the history of consumer electronics, connectors, and video signals. Overview Here’s how it went: TV’s had a pair of screw terminals to connect to an antenna.

Video games come out with a switchbox to connect to the antenna screws. They put out a video signal that simulates a broadcast TV signal. The antenna connects to screws on the switchbox The video game plugs in to the switchbox using the new and unusual RCA connector. The cable that brings the signal in the house is a coaxial cable with an ‘F’ connector on the end.

Connect CCTV Camera To TV with RCA Cable without DVR

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