Like a fine wine, the quality of life in Oliver keeps getting better with time.

Nothing was too much trouble. That is the advantage of small town service. Big city, big hurry. You went out of your way to help us with every thing and question we had for you. Even the ones for the insurance people, Jason said he has never had a real estate agent help him the way you did. Good communication, with regard to how the townhouse was being advertised and how often it was shown.

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The 21 member wineries made the decision to move from SOWA to OOWA so they could better define the region where their grapes are grown and to communicate a sense of place. Southern Okanagan is a pretty broad term for consumers to comprehend — where does it start? Where does it end?

Ultimate Social Club Okanagan is a Singles Activity Group serving the Okanagan Valley. We have members in Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna. and to the North and South. We are a relaxed, fun and interactive opportunity for single Men and Women of all ages, 30’s to 60’s, to meet and enjoy a variety of activities in the ://

Early Childhood Education Education Assistant Things to Do in Kelowna Set among a stunning range of mountain, orchards, vineyards, and lakes, Kelowna is an idyllic place to live and study. The largest city in the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is located in the Sonora Desert, which means it has warm summers and short, mild winters. Kelowna has abundant parkland and green spaces and several pristine beaches and lakes, which offer endless opportunities for outdoor fun and activities.

Kelowna is close to multiple large provincial parks, including Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park which is an ideal location for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or backcountry skiing. There are plenty of urban parks in Kelowna, too. Kelowna is situated on Lake Okanagan, which is more than KM long, and is in the vicinity of several hundred other lakes. From lazy afternoons on the beach, to active days spent jet skiing, power boating, or kayaking, there’s endless fun to be had at Kelowna’s lakes and beaches.

Kelowna is also renowned for its plentiful orchards and vineyards, which surround the city centre. You can take a personal tour or enjoy one of Kelowna’s many annual food and wine festivals.

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Regionally, landforms related to large meltwater discharges are continually being recognized, but sediment packages demonstrating those processes were previously unknown. Glacial sediments and landforms on the University of British Columbia campus near Kelowna BC were studied using surficial mapping, shallow seismic, and lithologic logs. Analysis revealed basin architecture consisting of fluvial valley fills, tributary fans, and subglacial flood deposits. Above are fine-grained sand and layers of organics woody debris radiocarbon dated at 35, – 23, yrs BP.

Dates indicate continual deposition leading up to and during glaciation. The upper 10 – 20 m of sediments contains high energy bedforms that include dunes, antidunes, hummocky cross-stratification, and hummocky unconformities.

 · n the warmest part of the south Okanagan Valley is a pocket of dry grassland dominated by bunch-grasses, the wind, and the scraggly dark branches of antelope-brush. The antelope-brush ecosystems of the south Okanagan weren’t extensive when European settlement began in the dating back 10 years. After the glaciers of the Pleistocene /brochures/

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Location: Penticton is located on Highway 97 in the south Okanagan, between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake, 43 miles (68 km) south of Kelowna and 38 miles (60 km) north of Osoyoos. To the south of Penticton is Okanagan Falls, and to the north (on either side of Okanagan /regions-and-towns/thompson-okanagan/penticton.

Take a look at these incredible old photos dating back to , and the comparison of the locations today. Needing a name for this town, the story of August Gillard came to light. While this was a bit of a mouthful for the settlers, it did inspire the name of the town, and they settled on Kelowna, meaning Grizzly Bear. With a population of just six hundred people, Kelowna was incorporated as a city on May 4, and has since grown to be one of the largest cities in BC. It has a rich culture and history, and you can explore more of it in depth at The Kelowna Museums Society and various heritage sites throughout the city.

Kelowna The photo pictured on top is dated as being taken in by G. When we went to take a comparative photo, we were unable to get the right angle, as most of that area is now fully developed with residences. The Fire Hall The fire hall pictured top left was taken around , and is the original Fire Hall of Kelowna with volunteers posing out front. The image top right, is from circa and features a truck, and uniformed men. The current Fire Hall is still in its original location at Lawrence and Water.

It burned down in shortly after this photo was taken. Top right was taken circa , and middle left was taken circa

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She, like many people, abstains from drinking wine because it has resulted in adverse effects in the past. The answer to the question is both simple and complicated: If you are allergic to histamine, then you should avoid drinking some wines, because some wines contain higher amounts of histamine. Before I go into detail, let’s get to the good news: Not all wines contain high levels of histamine.

The Okanagan’s largest classified ad listings online or in print. Kelowna classified ads, Penticton classified ads, Vernon classified ads, Westside classified ads. Free classified ://

The journey has taken some 16 years, dating back to when the Luckhurst family, Pam and Mick, bought Golden Mile Cellars. The hardworking couple left the lumber industry and building supply business in search of a more peaceful and natural lifestyle in the south Okanagan. We are guessing the project was more frenetic than they had planned, but after besting some wineries from across the country to take home the ultimate accolade, there can only be a high degree of personal satisfaction among the family this week.

Five years into the project, the Luckhursts made a bold decision rebrand the winery and its labels while relinquishing the Golden Mile Cellars moniker to become the rightful geographic locator of several neighbouring wineries that stretch from the Fairview slopes south to Road 18, across the eastern slopes of Mount Kobau. Giving back the Golden Mile name was an important step in getting the Golden Mile Bench, subsequently defined as a series of alluvial fans at the base of Mount Kobau, recognized as the first sub-geographical indication, within the larger Okanagan Valley GI.

Under their new Road 13 label the family carried on with business as usual, farming a site first cultivated in the early s when then B. Neither Pam or Mick are winemakers, so they have seen a few come and go over the years. They opened under the guidance of the late Californian-trained Lawrence Herder. Michael Bartier moved in from to , instilling an Okanagan ethos throughout the winery.

When Bartier moved across the valley to open Bartier Bros. The last two years winemaker Jeff Del Nin, formerly of Church and State, has quietly polished all that was available to him, resulting in the coveted winery of the year award.

Like a fine wine, the quality of life in Oliver keeps getting better with time.

Premier Listings for Penticton Cradled within tree trimmed mountain slopes, dramatic clay cliffs and bordered by the Okanagan and Skaha Lakes, Penticton is one of the larger cities in the BC interior, and a popular destination for visitors of all kinds. The town name, translated from native Salish, means a place to live forever, and many heed that advice, at least partly, spending a large part of their holidays here each year.

During the early days, Fur Brigades consisting of up to head of pack horses travelled down from the north, through the Okanagan, and on south to the mouth of the Columbia River. At that time, it was possibly the easiest route to travel in order to be able to get the fur pelts to world markets.

 · Banée is a South Okanagan Winery Association (SOWA) industry event to mark the end of pruning and the beginning of a new season, and was modeled after Burgundy’s famed Banée de Meursault. This year SOWA announced another new beginning – the beginning of a new era, logo and name christening

Watersports are a favourite pastime here as is fishing in the nearby lakes east of Lake Country — often noted as providing some of the finest fishing anywhere particularly for Kamloops trout. And if you would like to take in an evening of theatre, local performers offer some amazing performances at the Creekside Theatre. Location Winfield is immediately north of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley on Highway 97 and 38 km 24 mi south of Vernon. Incorporated as a municipality in , Lake Country has a long pioneer history.

Prior to the Europeans arriving, First Nations people inhabited this area. Several locations indicate the existence of First Nations settlements dating back 7, to 8, years.

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Send it to Jeff Redd, WoodWire editor, by fax at , or email to jeff rlpi. This, after Canada Post employees in Kelowna walked off the job for the second time in three weeks on Friday to set up hour picket lines. For more, click here All this and more, available only in your full weekly report.

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Little Shuswap Lake is fed by the Little River , which drains Shuswap Lake , which is fed by several rivers and creeks. North Thompson River[ edit ] The North Thompson originates at the toe of the Thompson Glacier [4] in the Cariboo Mountains west of the community of Valemount and flows generally south towards Kamloops and the confluence with the South Thompson. For most of its length, the river is paralleled by Highway 5 , and the Canadian National Railway both of which cross the river a couple times.

A notable feature along the North Thompson is Little Hells Gate, a mini-replica of the much larger rapid on the Fraser downstream from the mouth of the Thompson.

AcceleWeb sites classifieds dating wineries files. Wineries Look up wineries and vineyards from around the ://

Nature and Culture History: This park was established August 23, The colourful history of the Okanagan Valley is very evident in the park. There are archaeological sites and provincially significant First Nations pictographs found on rock outcrops and canyon walls. Historic trails form part of the current trail network, some dating back to , when Father Pandosy established an oblate mission near Kelowna.

Settlers used a trail through Wild Horse Canyon, but finding the south end of the trail crossed extremely rough and rocky country, Father Pandosy instituted a better trail higher up to the east. Little remains at the crash site of a DC3 passenger plane that went down in December of roughly one km northeast of Divide Lake. The two CP Air pilots died in the crash, while 16 others on board were rescued by local search and rescue teams.

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